Top Foods For Cardiovascular Health

There are certain foods that can improve your cardiovascular health and reduce the symptoms of heart disease. They don’...
18:07 12 March 2023

Master Cleanse Diet

The Master Cleanse Diet is an effect fad diet that can help a person shed weight quickly in a short period of time
18:07 19 February 2023

How Healthy is Too Healthy?

GUEST BLOGGER EDITION: Nate Landon is a dear friend of mine who approached me about writing a guest post for Eat Breath...
18:07 17 October 2022

Childhood Obesity and the World Today - Eat Breathe Blog

Childhood Obesity isnt going away! We need to continue talking about it! Please read my take on it.
18:07 22 September 2022

How to Save on Diet, Health, and Fitness Products

It can seem very expensive to live and maintain a healthy lifestyle, but if you live in an unhealthy way, you may end u...
18:07 2 August 2022

Lose Weight, Not Money – How To Avoid Acai Berry Scams

Countless dieters have seen the wrong type of pounds falling off as they succumbed to the allurement of one of many Acai Berry scams.
18:07 2 August 2022

The Benefits Of Taking Vitamin D On A Regular Basis

Vitamin D is absorbed by our bodies naturally from sunlight. For those of us who struggle to see a lot of it, Vitamin D...
18:07 7 July 2022

How to Gain Weight on Vegetarian Diet

Vegetarian diet usually consists of vegetables, fruits, legumes, grains, seeds, fish, nuts along with dairy products. T...
18:07 3 July 2022

News Flash: Exercise Does Not Always Lead To Weight Loss

It has been well documented over the last few years that increasing the amount you exercise can aid in weight loss.
18:07 9 March 2022

10 Easy Tips to go Gluten-Free in Your Diet

Are you joining the growing number of people who have discovered you are intolerant to gluten? Or, perhaps you have rec...
18:06 13 January 2022

Alphabet soup: on the menu today is ‘B’

If you cant get your vitamins from vegetables and fruits, other natural sources are available like natural sweeteners.
18:07 18 November 2021

3 Foods to Avoid for Better Skincare

Every woman wants to have great skin that gets complimented on. Nobody wants to look dull and wrinkled. While there are...
18:06 13 November 2021

Healthy Holidays in Turkey, Food, Rest & Relaxation

Focuses on healthy holidays in Turkey. Included are healthy food options, mud baths, hot stones. Theres a lot of excellent health choices in Turkey.
18:07 3 November 2021

The Best Healthy Low-Carb Snack Ideas

Have you got those mid-afternoon hunger pangs but are on a low-carb diet? You might be struggling with finding somethin...
18:07 2 November 2021

Fresh Food for Your Heart

Knowing what foods to eat and how to implement them into the diet is important whether people are working to reverse he...
18:07 2 November 2021

Lose Weight With Diet, Exercise, and Supplements

The key to a good, healthy diet is balance. There are several factors that go into balancing the diet but these factors...
18:07 21 July 2021

How Your Second Brain May Exist in Your Stomach (Infographic)

For years people have sub-consciously attached the functions of the stomach as a sort of second brain that can tell whe...
18:07 13 May 2021

Working in Your Garden: A Healthy Habit

Working in your garden is a healthy practice that can benefit you in all areas of life.
18:07 23 February 2021