Top Foods For Cardiovascular Health

There are certain foods that can improve your cardiovascular health and reduce the symptoms of heart disease. They don’...

There are certain foods that can improve your cardiovascular health and reduce the symptoms of heart disease. They don’t have to be simple and boring like most of the foods you eat on a low-carb weight-loss diet, and if you buy Crestor or another cholesterol lowering drug to consume along with hearth healthy foods, the risk of stroke, heart attack and other factors can be reduced to a great extent.

Here are the top foods for improving cardiovascular health and reducing heart related risks:

1. Salmon

Healthy fats are recommended to improve cardiovascular health and omega-3 fatty acids have been found to reduce clotting and lower blood pressure. Salmon contains ample amounts of omega-3 fatty acids and also contains a powerful antioxidant called carotenoid astaxanthin.

Consuming salmon is better than opting for farm raised fish which won’t provide omega-3 and may also include heavy metals. There are some alternatives available for those don’t like salmon such as tuna and omega-3 organic eggs.

2. Oatmeal

A daily serving of oatmeal, which is about half a cup, contains fiber that aids the body to keep a healthy level of weight and also contributes to cholesterol reduction. The fiber content also gives a full feeling and removes the urge to binge on snacks in afternoon and before evening.

Oatmeal and other hearth healthy grains such as brown rice and barley also reduce diabetes risks, which is an indirect heart disease risk factor. Oatmeal, brown rice, rye and other whole grains should be selected over refined or processed grains which have the fiber content removed.

3. Dark chocolate

Want to satisfy your sweet tooth while caring for your heart? Dark chocolate contains flavanols in decent quantity which helps to improve the flexibility of blood vessels. There are several research publications that state that dark chocolate also helps in reducing cholesterol levels and is high in anti-oxidants.

Latest stats from Mintel, a market research firm, reveal that men and women over 55 make up the bulk of dark chocolate consumers. When choosing a dark chocolate, it’s recommended that you go for a chocolate that has 70 percent cocoa or greater. Anything below 50 percent may not be able to provide you cardiovascular benefits.

4. Yogurt

A gum disease can give risk to a heart disease and yogurt can protect against gum disease as revealed by research. It contains probiotics that help to prevent unhealthy bacteria from growing in the mouth.

Studies also suggest that probiotics (a fancy name for healthy bacteria) can possibly improve digestion and boost immunity. Simple, plain yogurt is recommended in a serving of two on a daily basis. Fruit-based yogurt should be avoided as it contains sugar and extra calories.

5. Pomegranates

You may be aware that fruits can greatly reduce the risk of heart diseases as they’re jam packed with vitamins and minerals, but one fruit that stands out when it comes to improving cardiovascular health is pomegranate. It reduces the LDL in the body and contains antioxidants that prevent the oxidization of LDL in arteries.

Pomegranate also contains an enzyme that leads to breakage of clogging of bad cholesterol, while it doesn’t affect good cholesterol levels. Fresh pomegranate juice is recommended over boxed offerings which mostly are filled with sugar and fructose syrup while have all the essential vitamins and enzymes of the fruit removed due to heavy processing.


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