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Welcome to Kwikeer.com. Our mission is simple: Give everyone a place to share their health and wellness stories, triumphs, and failures. When making a lifestyle change, it is so comforting to reach out to other people in the same boat. Getting tips from the “been theres, and done thats” can make those unbearable days a little easier to handle.

At EatBreathBlog we are suckers for anything related to dieting and fitness. In fact, we spend way too much money each month on massages, hair products, diets, food, fitness equipment, personal trainers, and gym memberships. We started KwikeerBlog.com as an opportunity to share experiences, and also allow others to provide honest stories and feedback on health and wellness products they have tried. We are happy to have a great team of friends and writers that write for us on the regular basis and help me maintain our blog! Thank you for your support and creativity!

That being said, this is your official WELCOME to KwikeerBlog.com! Your one-stop-shop for everything health and wellness. You’ll find posts on everything from dental care to how to deal with split ends to running marathons. Also, how to start living GREEN! We love it all. The mundane, the crazy, the extreme, and the impossible!

This site is meant to be a community, so we want you to participate. We also love reciprocity, so we’re all about links (within reason), and promise to promote you and your website socially.

Readers should consult appropriate health professionals on any matter relating to their health and well being. We are not doctors; readers who fail to consult appropriate health authorities assume the risk of any injuries.

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