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Knowing what foods to eat and how to implement them into the diet is important whether people are working to reverse he...

Knowing what foods to eat and how to implement them into the diet is important whether people are working to reverse heart troubles or trying to prevent its onset. People do not need to wait for unwanted results from modular cath labs to start changing their diet. For those that are already facing serious health conditions, working with a doctor and nutritionist to incorporate healthy food can get them back on track, and people who are not at risk now can stay healthy for the future.

Heart Healthy Solutions – What Do People Need?

Understanding the benefits of healthy food can help people get motivated to eat better. Soluble fiber is one of the healthiest solutions for heart health and is already part of most diets. Not only is soluble fiber good for the heart but also it helps with bowel health, weight loss and comes in many delicious foods from grains to fruits and vegetables. Omega-3 fatty acids can help reduce inflammation and lower cholesterol. Antioxidants can also be a great aid to heart health while providing numerous nutrients beneficial to the whole body.


In the morning, soluble fiber can be a foundation to starting the day. This type of fiber is found in oat based cereals and oatmeal, fruits such as bananas, apples, and mangos and even toasted white and sourdough bread, though people should avoid heavily processed breads and watch for any added sugars. Potatoes are also a source of soluble fiber and with little to no salt or oil can be a healthy addition to the breakfast table.


From juices and shakes to fruit snacks and even healthy chips, soluble fiber can be incorporated into snacks throughout the day. Snacks are important for preventing an excess of hunger in later meals and keeping the metabolism moving. With a juicer or blender, anyone can whip up some delicious smoothies using healthy heart fixtures like almond milk, bananas, and blueberries. High-powered blenders can also mix in granola for added texture and more healthy oats.

Apart from healthy drinks, people can grab applesauce cups or prepackaged peach bowls that are easy to bring to the office or on the road. While potato chips processed with heavy oils seem appetizing, baked corn tortilla chips or vegetable chips made with little oil and of course real vegetables can be fun healthy alternatives.


Most people immediately jump to salads as the ideal healthy lunch, which they can be if prepared with the right greens like kale and arugula. Soluble fiber fruits also mix in well with salads, particularly mango which goes great with shrimp for a filling meal. While fast food burgers and sandwiches can be quite dangerous, a healthy wrap or sandwich with plenty of vegetables and topped with avocado or hummus can be very heart friendly.


Grains can make wonderful dinner staples and choosing the right ones can promote heart health. From rice and pasta to intriguing grains like quinoa and kasha, these dishes can be mixed with dark green veggies, soluble fiber rich mushrooms, low-fat meat or fish. Legumes and lentils are another great source of fiber and can be used creatively in the kitchen. Pan fried butter beans may sound alarming but when prepared with little oil they can be a great nutritious side to any meal.

Eating well is just one of many steps to a healthy heart but one of the easiest and creative ways to getting better. Along with exercise, maintaining stress and avoiding unhealthy substances and alcohol, a nutritious diet can pave the way to a healthy heart.

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