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Childhood Obesity isnt going away! We need to continue talking about it! Please read my take on it.

Pre-Post Note: I know Childhood Obesity is a topic that isn’t new to the world, but I think it is important to keep talking about it, because it isn’t going away anytime soon.

One out of every four children in the world today is considered overweight. Of these children, parents of 75% of them do not even realize that they are overweight. It has become easy for children to eat unhealthy foods due to the fast-paced lives that many of us lead. Without proper menu planning, discipline, and education it is very convenient for families to go through the drive-thru and pick up dinners that are usually not very healthy.

The first step to fighting childhood obesity is to get educated on foods that are healthy and offer the vitamins and nutrients that our bodies crave. Many community colleges and local libraries offer classes on nutrition, which can offer insight to parents on what foods are good for their children to consume.

Michelle Obama speaking about the Let's Move initiative to battle Childhood Obesity.

Along with education, it is important that families practice menu planning. This single step often will avoid the convenience meals that are filled with things that are not good for our bodies. Some people will plan their menu for a week, while others will plan their menu for at least a month. There are many factors that go into planning a menu. The size of a family is the biggest factor to consider. Along with family size, you will need to consider how often you are home to cook. For some people that are not often home, it may be easier to plan a menu for the entire month, as well as cooking for the majority of the month as well. Cooking for the entire month may seem very challenging; however, with a little planning and a day or two of cooking, you can enjoy home cooked meals even when you are short on time.

Some advantages of obtaining the proper education and menu planning is that your children will be less likely to become obese. Children that are lower risk of becoming obese will also have a smaller risk of developing many weight-related illnesses. If a child does not have a high risk of developing these illnesses, they will be less likely to be turned down for health insurance. The cost of obtaining private health insurance for a child that is at risk is quite high.

To keep your child healthy, you may consider getting them involved in activities that keep them moving. You can take walks together with your family to keep active and set a good example for your child. Kicking a ball around the yard is fun and also provides fitness for both you and your child. When you combine healthy eating and living an active lifestyle together, it can help you and your child lead a healthier, longer life with each other and reduce childhood obesity, as well as adult obesity, for generations to come.

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