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Tips on Choosing a Personal Trainer

If youve gotten to a level of commitment where its time to work with a personal trainer, your decision ma...
18:07 28 November 2020

How to Make your Teeth More Healthier (Infographic)

They say – “Smiling is infectious”. Yes it is if you own those white healthy pearl like teeth. Everyone will be forced ...
18:07 22 November 2020

How To Reduce Stress And The Health Benefits

Stress can wreak all sorts of havoc on a person’s life and can often make day to day life a nightmare. When you’re stre...
18:07 17 November 2020

My Guest Post on - Eat Breathe Blog

Check out my guest post on diets and dating on! Great tips on what to eat when going to the movies, dinner or for cocktails!
18:07 4 November 2020

10 Antioxidants to Help You Stay Healthier Longer

In September of 2012, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters unveiled a line of coffees aimed at wellness. Each of the three pr...
18:06 1 November 2020

Special Diet for Muay Thai Enthusiasts

When engaged in any form of exercise regimen whether for fitness or for a sports bout, an individual needs to follow a...
18:07 29 October 2020

How Music Therapy Brings New Harmony to Non-Verbal Autistic Children

German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche once mused, “Without music, life would be a mistake.” Music lovers across time a...
18:07 29 October 2020

No-Cost and Low-Cost Tips for Saving Money on Electricity and Home Heating Costs - Eat Breathe Blog

Saving money on electricity and home heating costs is as simple as changing a few habits and investing in affordable w...
18:07 27 October 2020

How to Get Ready to Run on the Trails

Youre almost ready for your trip on the trails. Theres only one tiny problem: you are short a few supplie...
18:07 24 October 2020

How Do You Treat Your Baby's Gas Problems?

One of the worst feelings for a parent is to see your infant cry and not know what to do about it. As a parent, you kno...
18:07 21 October 2020

10 Great Positive Affirmations

Ultimately the brain is just a computer, both science and mystics have concurred on this one aspect for years, so the m...
18:06 17 October 2020