5 Ways to Eat Healthy While Traveling

Whether it’s traveling for work or play, most travelers just seem to forget about their nutrition. And, with all the fa...

Whether it’s traveling for work or play, most travelers just seem to forget about their nutrition. And, with all the fast food, plane and airport food, and restaurant choices across the country and the world, it’s no wonder dietary responsibility is left at the departure gate. Luckily, there are ways you can eat healthy while traveling.

Pack Carry-On Snacks

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Not all airplane food is created equal and it’s certainly not all nutritional either. So, even though the smells of mid-flight mealtime are tempting, why not plan ahead and bring some carry-on snacks along for the airplane ride.

Dried fruits, nuts, and granola bars are great snack options that’ll help you eat healthier. If you think snacking won’t keep you satisfied, try eating a protein-rich snack every two hours during the flight and during layovers ­too.

Choose Healthy Restaurant Options

Sure, that steak tastes better with a side of mashed potatoes and gravy, but steamed vegetables are always a healthier option. Considering travelers dine out almost every meal, substituting fatty sides for health-conscious ones is a smart move.

While on the road or in a new city, it’s pretty impossible to avoid fast food, but there are ways to eat healthy at the drive-through too. Many fast food restaurants have healthy options that replace fries with a salad and milkshakes with fresh fruit, so why not give those healthy options a chance?

Indulge Every Other Day

Vacation and regular travel are sometimes synonymous with over-indulging come mealtime. But, considering you’re probably not exercising at the rate you’re eating while traveling, it’s wise to indulge every other day as opposed to every meal.

Whether you’ve been planning your dream vacation for months or you’ve found a last-minute Groupon Getaways travel deal, the last thing anyone wants to do is bring home an extra ten pounds of weight gain with their souvenirs. But, by indulging every other day, you’ll still get your fill in terms of a food-friendly travel experience.

Hydrate Along the Way

Between the dryness that comes along with airplane travel, the lack of sleep, and the caffeinated and sugary drinks that keep travelers going from one time zone to the next, staying hydrated is just as important as making it to your gate on time.

So, bring water with you wherever you go. No only will it save you money on other expensive drinks, it’ll make you feel better than coffee and soda will. To go the extra mile, bring a water bottle with a built-in filter so you can refill anywhere.

Make Use of Multi-Vitamins

In some cases, it’s close to impossible to find a nutritional meal when traveling. So, when your destination city doesn’t have healthy eating options, bring along multi-vitamins to fill in the nutrition gaps. They’re travel-friendly and a great option when your travel diet is lacking nourishment.

By following the above-mentioned healthy eating options, you’ll not only feel great en route and at your destination, but also when you get back home.



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