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Beat Winter Blues with Indoor Exercises

It’s possible to beat the winter blues, cabin fever and couch hibernation by engaging in some exciting winter exercises.
18:07 26 November 2022

How to See More Clearly with Female Friendly Speedo Goggles

Goggles make swimming a far more enjoyable experience. Speedo has a great range of female friendly goggles so why not buy a pair to try them out?
18:07 24 November 2022

5 Ways to Make Your Workout Routine More Effective

When it comes to your exercise routine, you do it enough but it doesn’t seem to be doing what it should be. Remember the saying, “No pain, no gain”?
18:06 15 November 2022

The Best Sports to Improve Your Health and Fitness

Getting fit is something that a lot of people pledge to do each year with their New Year’s resolutions, but never quite...
18:07 7 November 2022

A Guide To The Perplexed: How To Child-Proof Your Home

Once we become parents, our job is to protect our children everywhere. This includes in our homes. Most parents know ab...
18:07 28 October 2022

The Missing Link: Understanding Alcohol Abuse-Dependence Connection

Alcohol abuse and alcohol dependency are two conditions that have many things in common, and this leads to a certain am...
18:07 23 October 2022

Bodybuilding 101: Knowing What Works and What Doesn’t

Bodybuilding is more than just lifting weights. Many aspiring bodybuilders fail to realize this very simple fact. It’s not just lifting the heaviest p...
18:07 20 October 2022

How Healthy is Too Healthy?

GUEST BLOGGER EDITION: Nate Landon is a dear friend of mine who approached me about writing a guest post for Eat Breath...
18:07 17 October 2022

5 Small (But Effective) Health Changes To Start

Although we live in a time that is the most medically advanced, we also live in a time where people are more health con...
18:06 14 October 2022

5 Foods You Need to Eat for a Healthy Skin

Just like losing weight, it takes a lot of effort to develop and maintain a healthy skin. Fortunately, there are many w...
18:06 11 October 2022

Living with Acromegaly - Symptom Management

Chances are, your friends have never heard of acromegaly. But, if you’re one of the more than 250,000 people who suffer...
18:07 6 October 2022

Getting Fit: Exercise Tips for Beginners

Tips that help exercise beginners train effectively and avoid injury
18:07 5 October 2022

Why the Quality of Your Drinking Water Matters

When I was growing up drinking bottled water was unheard of. Literally. As in no one had ever heard of bottled water be...
18:07 30 September 2022

A New Age of Health Care Access

As the population ages, health care among seniors is rapidly changing. Unfortunately, many of our seniors do not have the proper access, or the abilit...
18:07 25 September 2022

Why You Should Become a Girevik -

Why You Should Use a Kettlebell Everyone seems to be looking for the magic bullet of fitness. People want a fast, simpl...
18:07 23 September 2022

The Right Way to Care for Your Contact Lenses

The contact lenses are extremely popular these days. Some 100 billion people worldwide are wearing this today. Basicall...
18:07 23 September 2022

Childhood Obesity and the World Today - Eat Breathe Blog

Childhood Obesity isnt going away! We need to continue talking about it! Please read my take on it.
18:07 22 September 2022

Copacetic: Getting Along With Co-Workers - Eat Breathe Blog

Sometimes it can be difficult to get along with your co-workers. It happens to everyone. There are some people that it ...
18:07 22 September 2022