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Taking Control of our Beliefs

As a rule of thumb, children tend to inherit the thoughts garnered around them. Whether it be parents, teachers or just...
18:07 7 June 2021

Choosing the Best Childrens Beds For a Great Night's Sleep

Sussex Childrens Bed Childrens beds are essential part of kids bedroom as they can brighten your c...
18:07 29 May 2021

The mystery of the healing needle

This raises the question of whether the reported benefits are due to faith or sugges­tion; however, this can be counter...
18:07 24 May 2021

My Dumb Phone - Eat Breathe Blog

Our cell phones are our lives. Students cling to their phones like there is no tomorrow. We wait for some guy to text u...
18:07 8 May 2021

Are dietary and herbal supplements safe for your health?

Dietary supplements are plants and minerals that have the reputation of providing benefits to human health. People have...
18:07 25 April 2021

Reducing Holiday Stress - Eat Breathe Blog

The holidays bring people together—for better AND worse. This time of year is an emotional pressure cooker. Holidays ar...
18:07 21 April 2021

Healthy Recipes Equal Healthy Teeth - Eat Breathe Blog

Millions of people around the world simply never grasp the strong relationship between oral health and a healthy diet. ...
18:07 10 April 2021

Feng Shui at Work - Guest Post - Eat Breathe Blog

Guest Post about Feng Shui at work. Learn about the art of energies!
18:07 4 April 2021

A Glossary for Aspiring Designers [INFOGRAPHIC]

As an aspiring designer, I spend a lot of time trawling around on and watching video tutorials in the instruc...
18:07 2 April 2021

Sending Love to Joplin -

It was a beautiful day in the sunshine state. The sky was clear and the weather felt perfect. I felt like I didn’t have...
18:07 30 March 2021

Every Breath You Take - 5 Tips to Help Relieve Your Family of Seasonal Allergies

American author and clergyman Henry van Dyke once observed, “The first day of spring is one thing, and the first spring...
18:07 18 March 2021

How to use lavender oil as a steam and vapour therapy aid.

This article discusses how essential lavender oil can be used to enhance health through steam and vapour therapy aid.
18:07 9 March 2021


  Everyone, put on your welcome hats because we have a new author! Nancy Trace has been in the business world for...
18:07 26 February 2021

The Popularity of Veterinarian as a Profession

If you were to ask any ten children what they would like to be when they grow up, at least a few, and maybe more, would...
18:07 19 February 2021

When Others Leave, The Fukushima 50 Stay Behind

Despite the potential risks, 50 employees at Fukushima Daiichis unit 2 reactor have decided to stay behind. Thou...
18:07 16 February 2021

Age Related Hearing Loss

Hearing loss can affect people from all walks of life, but seniors are at a higher risk as most hearing loss is age-rel...
18:07 10 January 2021

Coconut Water is a Healthy Choice for Everyone

Coconut water is one of the very best beverages you can drink that will keep plenty of electrolytes in your body. It is...
18:07 6 January 2021

How Scoliosis Affected Patients Can Improve Their Quality Of Life

For those who are unaware, scoliosis is a condition in which there is a sideways curvature of the spine. It usually occ...
18:07 30 December 2021