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A Shopping Guide to Varieties of Kitchen Knives

Kitchen knives come in many different shapes and sizes so its important you know which ones will suit your culinary needs. Read this guide for more in...
18:07 2 March 2022

Indiana's Planned Parenthood Situation Worsens

This article is a follow-up to a guest post that EatBreatheBlog contributor Danielle wrote for Women’s Glib. I was twen...
18:07 1 March 2022

Finding Food Allergy Facts

Guest post by Jennifer Hogan Redmond from Inspired Mother. When it comes to food allergy, things aren’t what they seem....
18:07 27 January 2022

The Right Bra for Your Body

Every womans body calls for a different kind of wardrobe. And were not just talking about: Vertica...
18:07 21 December 2021

Adding Composting to Your Recycling Practices

At first, it was the occasional aluminum can. After a while, newspapers and clear bottles joined the collection, follow...
18:07 17 December 2021

Parenting: Tips to Improve your Life and that of Your Family - Eat Breathe Blog

Today we have a guest post from fellow blogger and mommy Amy Barseghian. Amy works in social media marketing, owns Your...
18:07 9 December 2021

6 Important Vitamins Needed to Build a Muscular Body

In order to have a muscular build, one must intake the right type of vitamins as each vitamin has its own role to play ...
18:07 11 November 2021

Do Food Allergies Cause Hair Loss in Men?

If youre a man losing his hair, you may have never thought food allergies could be the cause. Learn some common food allergies that cause hair loss in...
18:07 5 November 2021

Excellent Alternatives to Meat for Having Adequate Protein Daily

  Have you decided to give up meat and are now worried as to from where to get protein from other sources? Do not ...
18:07 13 October 2021

What to Look For When Shopping for a Green Home

What to look for when shopping for a green home Buying a green or eco-friendly home is one of the best ways to reduce o...
18:07 25 September 2021

Three Things That Worry Most Retirees

Retired people beware! Worrying is a part of life. We sweat over many things in the course of a normal day. There are s...
18:07 23 September 2021

The Vicissitudes of Renting Out Your Real Estate: Why You Need Landlord Insurance

The Risks of Renting Your Real Estate Landlords Insurance is crucial if youre going to rent out part of y...
18:07 10 September 2021

New Guidelines Announced for Children and Food Allergies

Could early exposure to potential food allergens prevent children from developing allergies? New recommendations from t...
18:07 4 September 2021

Is A Yoga Teacher Training Right For You?

If you have been practicing yoga for over a year, you might be wondering if its time to step up to the plate and take a...
18:07 27 August 2021

How to Beat PMS with Food

If you struggle with PMS, you have other options besides a bottle of pain reliever. Check out these 5 foods that help you beat PMS naturally!
18:07 9 August 2021

Can't Sleep? Tips to Avoid Insomnia

Around one in five people have some difficulty in sleeping. Although many of them will not actually consider themselves...
18:07 15 July 2021

Top 5 Causes of Chronic Back Pain in Men

Do you have a sore back? Learn the top 5 causes of chronic back pain in men.
18:07 6 July 2021

Thanksgiving Travel Reflections - Eat Breathe Blog

The leaves are changing and falling, pumpkins and squashes and cornucopias work their way into the front porch scene, ...
18:07 5 July 2021