ZYPPAH or not? Which one is the best?

Most people are probably convinced that when we breathe through our nose
Somnodent mouthpiece for snoring
Do mouthpieces help with snoring?
Who else?
Verified customers opinions comparison

Neither of Mandibular Advancement Devices like Zyppah, Pure Sleep, Intelliguard Pro, SnoreRX or the other is legislatively approved for sale as the stop snoring AID except for SomnoDent.

Somnodent mouthpiece for snoring

The FDA declares that mouthpieces for snoring must be prescription only and implemented by a doctor. Any self-fitting product bought in the market and self-diagnosed not by a dentist possibly may overlook more serious snoring consequence like Sleep Apnea.

That is why none of the MADs You will buy will be FDA approved. The best "before You buy" action to perform is to consult Your dentist first.

Do mouthpieces help with snoring?

  • Yes, they do! In 80% cases, they work!
  • Their efficiency depends on the functionality they may provide.
  • Design by a dentist is favorable

How should mouthpieces for the snoring people work?

  • support your jaw if it is receding
  • open the airway by advancing or pushing the jaw forward
  • prevent the tongue from falling back to the throat and blocking Your breathing
  • secure the soft palate tissue from obstructing the passageway

Side effects mouthguard may cause

  • some troubles with applying them are possible
  • wearing them may seem uncomfortable for the first period
  •  You may produce more saliva when usual until You don't get used to the MAD

We've discovered that every month more than 30000 people are interested in Zyppah anti-snoring solution, this amount is greater than any other manufacturer has.

Their website looks modern, and advertisement is promising. So We've decided to compare Zyppah with the other mouthpieces for snoring and find out is it the best, or not?

Who else?

From the table above we can see all the functionality provided by the best Mandibular Advancement Devices on the market, but Let's define two finalists.

The first finalist is Zyppah due to its unique tongue stabilizer.

Now We need to choose between Eliminator PRO and SnoreRX. These two devices are too similar. But Our decision is - Eliminator PRO. The reason is simple. They have beneficial discount policy on Amazon and now it cost much less than SnoreRX. For the same amount of features, We think this is a reasonable economy.

Now, let's compare the Zyppah and Eliminator PRO customers reviews to define who's the best.

Verified customers opinions comparison

We've found It a hard challenge to make the proper analysis of the client's reviews for these products.

Eliminator PRO is offering a free device replacement for a five-star review, so it is hard to define which of 139 positive reviews are true. Another thing We understand is - why would you want another of something if it didn't work? They also have 156 negative reviews, and they don't hide them at all, so all the cons are obvious and clear.

Zyppah has 336 reviews on their website. It is unknown do they moderate reviews and leave only the best comments or not?Snoring is Ruining Your Sleep: It’s a simple fact. You can’t sleep if you can’t breathe. Snoring is the siren that warns you and the world that your brain isn’t getting the oxygen you need when you sleep. If you or a loved one are snoring, then you're not getting the restful sleep you need to feel healthy and energetic all day. Sawing logs. Cutting Z's. Calling hogs. Whatever you call snoring, it isn't just annoying, it's bad for your health. Peaceful, restful sleep is so essential to the proper functioning of the body and brain, you've absolutely got to get that snoring under control.

ZYPPAH Stops Snoring NOW: ZYPPAH is a simple mouthpiece you wear during sleep. It targets the two main causes of snoring to give you a peaceful, restful sleep each night. ZYPPAH works by controlling the tongue with our patented tongue-elastic we call the Snoring Eliminator. Invented by Dr. Jonathan Greenburg – a dentist with an undergraduate degree in biomedical engineering – ZYPPAH is the result of years of real world research in Dr. Greenburg's medical clinics helping patients with disturbed sleep conditions.

As Seen on NBC Nightly News: ZYPPAH is already stopping snoring and creating great sleep for tens of thousands of customers - but don’t just take our word for it. Recently, NBC Nightly News tested several stop-snoring devices and discovered that only the ZYPPAH was the effective at stopping noisy snoring all night long. That's because ZYPPAH works differently than every other stop snoring product on the market by targeting 2 key causes of snoring.

Restored Hope: After so many sleepless nights and failed snoring solutions, it’s easy to give up hope of ever getting a good night’s sleep again. But Dr. Greenburg’s technological marvel really does work, just ask thousands of happy ZYPPAH customers.

Beware cheap imitations: The Genuine ZYPPAH is a safe and effective FDA Class II Medical Device that is 100% Made in the USA. Unlike other solutions and boil-and-bite mouth pieces – which can fix one problem and cause others (advancing the jaw too much, dry-mouth, mouth breathing, TMJ, headaches, teeth shifting, etc.), Dr. Greenburg’s solution simply fits teeth like railroad tracks and keeps your tongue where it needs to be.

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