The Very Real Risks of Sun Exposure for Children

The suns rays are incredibly harmful to the skin and long lengths of exposure can result in the skin looking dry and wr...

The suns rays are incredibly harmful to the skin and long lengths of exposure can result in the skin looking dry and wrinkled but can cause far more serious side affects such as skin cancer. For adults, exposure is serious enough as experts strongly recommend the need for sun protection but for children the need to be protected from the sun is very serious. Most cases of skin cancer stem from too much exposure to the sun before the age of 20, showing that many children were not offered the protections whilst growing up that they should have. The same sun protection rules apply for adults and children although they are far stricter for the younger generation. It is vital to use things such as a natural sunscreen and protective clothing to ensure children are not too badly affected by the harmful UV rays.

A child’s skin is far more delicate than adults and they need to be constantly monitored whilst outside to ensure they are not at risk of burning, just a few cases of sunburn throughout a person’s life can result in skin cancer and is something that is easily avoidable. The effects may not be visible right away but later on in life a child that was exposed to sunburn can cause cancerous cells to develop.

Best ways to protect a child whilst outside is simple and easy. Children should not avoid the sun entirely; it is healthy for them to gain the vitamin D that the suns rays provide although there time outside must be monitored and limited to prevent any damage caused to the skin.

  • High factor and a good quality sunscreen
  • Hats
  • Sunglasses
  • Shade
  • Limited sun exposure. Make sure children have regular breaks from the sun
  • Regular application of sunscreen

Children that are exposed to the harmful rays of the sun experience a far greater impact to their skin and much faster than an adult. There skin, due to its delicate nature, is not as durable as an adult and they need to have stricter protections in place. Rather than just adhering to a few of the suggestions all need to be followed and strictly in order to prevent a child from burning. Not only is it serious in the long term, sunburn is incredibly uncomfortable and sore and something which feels far more painful for a child.

The sun can cause damage at any time, even simply playing in the garden at home even though many people only take it seriously whilst they are abroad. The sun is far hotter and more intense in some countries but it can still have a negative impact on the skin regardless of where a child is and what they are doing and the protections still apply.

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