The Right Way to Care for Your Contact Lenses

The contact lenses are extremely popular these days. Some 100 billion people worldwide are wearing this today. Basicall...

The contact lenses are extremely popular these days. Some 100 billion people worldwide are wearing this today.

Basically, there are two types of contact lenses. The soft and the rigid gas permeable (RGP). The soft lenses are further subdivided into the disposable extended wear and the conventional type.

Each type of lens requires specific care. Unlike the traditional eyeglasses that need only wiping every day, the contacts need extra care and effort from the wearer. The wearer needs to follow the right steps provided by your eye care professional to ensure a safe use and avoid complications.

Always handle your contact lenses properly. Wash, rinse and dry your hands thoroughly before touching them and make sure you use only a mild soap. Any trace of oil, lotion or perfume in the soap you use can be left on the contacts and may cause irritation to your eyes.

For women, it is recommended to put on the lenses before you wear makeup. It is also ideal to remove your lenses first before removing your makeup at night. This way, you avoid makeup getting into your contacts.

Never use any type of disinfecting solution, eye drops or re-wetting solution and cleaners not recommended by your doctor. Some products may contain chemicals and not safe for use with contact lenses. There are new products now that don’t contain preservatives and use hydrogen peroxide considered to be more effective than the multi-purpose and saline solutions available.

When cleaning the lenses, the normal procedure is to put it on your palm and rub the inner part gently using your index finger. This will help remove any surface buildup.

Do not forget to clean the case as well. Use the sterile solution or hot tap water and let it dry thoroughly. Ideally, you need to change the case every three months.

In case you experience irritation with your eyes, stop wearing the lenses and consult with your doctor first. It is never good to force yourself to wear them if your eyes are not comfortable.

It is also a good idea to have a chart that will monitor your wearing schedule. Your doctor may have this so don’t hesitate to ask. If not, you can always create your own.

Wearing and removing contact lenses may need practice. The same is true for cleaning and caring for them. Your doctor is the best person to teach you how to do it right.

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