The Health Benefits of Being a Natural Beauty

Natural beauty is more than skin deep. Its about being healthy both on the inside and the outside. Avoid beauty products with synthetic chemicals.

If you’re like most women, you want to look your best when you step out into the world. But is trying to be a Hollywood beauty ruining your skin and worsening your health? It could be. Many store-bought, commercial skin-care products contain dangerous chemicals that could lead to autoimmune disease, neurological damage, and even cancer.

What is a Natural Beauty?

A natural beauty is a woman who is beautiful on the inside as well as the outside. She shines with radiant health not because of the make-up she’s wearing but how she takes care of herself. She walks into a room with confidence and really knows who she is. The natural look is becoming very fashionable, even among Hollywood celebrities. More and more women are putting their health first and avoiding dangerous synthetic products.

Dangerous Chemicals in Cosmetics Harm Your Health

Have you ever read the label on your favorite shampoo, skin cream or lipstick? It’s amazing how many unnecessary chemicals are in there! Some of them have been linked to serious health problems.

These questionable ingredients include:

  1. Parabens

Parabens are endocrine disruptors that affect your hormone function. This can lead to infertility and cancer.

  1. Formaldehyde

Formaldehyde is found in many cosmetic products and is a known carcinogen.

  1. Phthalates

Phthalates also disrupt your endocrine system, which could lead to reproductive dysfunction and cancer.

  1. Cadmium

Cadmium is a heavy metal that has shown up in breast cancer biopsies. It is often found in lipstick.

  1. Propylene Glycol

A petroleum-based compound, propylene glycol has been linked to neurological dysfunction and cancer.

Natural Beauty Products and Treatments to Use Right Now

You can save a lot of money, time, and pain by using natural beauty products and treatments.

  • Coconut Oil

Raw coconut oil is one of the best natural beauty treatments you can invest in. It contains lauric acid, a medium-chain fatty acid with strong antiviral, antifungal, and antimicrobial properties. Used as a skin lotion, it helps lock in moisture, prevents acne, and smoothes fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Tea Bags

Organic green or black tea bags are great natural beauty products. Steep two of them as you would for a cup of tea. Allow them to cool. Place them over tired, allergic or puffy eyes and leave on for 20 minutes. Your eyes will look brighter and clearer.

  • Mineral Make-Up

The blush and eye shadow you usually use is made from minerals but commercial products add dangerous synthetic chemicals to them. When you use organic mineral make-up, you’re saving your skin and improving your health.

  • French Clay Mask

Turn over the jar or bottle of mud mask you use now. Does it contain a bunch of unpronounceable and potentially-dangerous ingredients? If so, trade it in for French clay. Mixed with water, this ancient natural beauty treatment pulls toxins from your skin while gently exfoliating and tightening your pores.

  • Eyebrow Threading

Homemade and salon wax products contain some pretty harsh ingredients that can do permanent damage to your skin. Threading adds that Hollywood beauty look to your eyebrows without the pain and skin sensitivity associated with waxing and tweezing.

Health Benefits of Using Natural Beauty Products

  • Clear Skin

Acne, eczema, rosacea, and other chronic skin ailments are often the result of an overactive immune system responding to dangerous chemicals in cosmetics. The more natural beauty products and treatments you use, the more you really heal your skin, instead of just covering up the symptoms.

  • Fewer Lines and Wrinkles

Many cosmetic ingredients contain drying agents that cause your skin to age prematurely. With natural beauty products, you’ll notice fewer lines and wrinkles, tighter pores, and more youthful glow to your skin.

  • Lowered Incidents of Disease

The less synthetic chemicals you use, the better your overall health.

Don’t pay a fortune for products and treatments that harm your health and make you look old before your time. Let your natural beauty shine through.

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