The Best Adjustable Beds

More Than Just a Fun Idea
How often do we find relief in the products that we turn to?
The Best Adjustable Beds
Classic Brands review by SnoreMagazine
Great for Medical and Non-medical Use
Analysis of Customer Reviews for Classic Brands Adjustable Bed Base

New technology is supposed to make our lives better, to put comfort more within our reach. How often does it happen, though, that we actually get the comfort that we need? 

How often do we find relief in the products that we turn to?

Unfortunately, the answer is not as often as we should. Adjustable beds, however, are the exception to the rule. Doing exactly what they are purported to do, adjustable beds can deliver you the relief and the sleep that you have been craving, improving your quality of life (and proving that every once in a while, things really are everything that they seem to be!).

The way that adjustable beds work is simple. Elevating the upper or lower sections, you can move the platform in order to suit your own comfort preferences. You could lift both the upper and lower sections to give yourself a zero-gravity effect while you are sleeping, a truly different experience that may just feel like nothing you have felt before. 

In control of everything, you simply use the remote to direct the electric hydraulic motor, positioning your adjustable bed exactly the way that you want it. No more rolling around or trying to find the sweet spot in your bed: when you use an adjustable bed, you create the sweet spot!

Of course, there are different types of adjustable beds, and if you get one of the best adjustable beds on the market, you will also get a massaging function, a sleep tracker function, and a silent alarm function, each of which will further enhance your comfort and relaxation in its own unique way.

For those who are feeling stressed out in their lives, the right adjustable bed is something of a panacea, stepping in and reminding you how wonderful life can be when you take the time to calm down and let go of all your stress and tension. (Side note: there are even some advanced models of the best adjustable beds that will connect to an app in your smart device.)

This is about more than mere comfort, though. Your health may benefit from an adjustable bed in major, undeniable ways. From pain relief (including relief from back pain, constipation, neck pain, and fibromyalgia) to improved circulation to faster recovery from injury and surgery, there are innumerable benefits to propping up your feet while you sleep, and if you go with a dual-customization adjustable bed, you and your partner both can achieve optimal health and wellness. 

This is especially true if you or your partner snores, as an adjustable bed can mitigate snoring by making upright sleep possible, enlarging the airway chamber and reducing the friction that leads to snoring.

If you are ready to choose the best adjustable bed that is right for you, read on below. These are beds that can change your life, so why hesitate? An adjustable bed may be just what you need to reclaim calm, health, and happiness for yourself!

The Best Adjustable Beds

1. Classic Brands - best budget buy

2. Reverie 5D - best for comfort

3. Leggett & Platt S-Cape - best luxury option

4. LUCID L300 - best value for money

5. iDealBed 4i Custom - best anti-snore solution

6. Blissful Nights - best overall

Classic Brands review by SnoreMagazine

This adjustable bed base can be used without a box spring because it already has a platform as its base has plenty of storage space underneath. The Classic Brands is great for people who require some elevation when they sleep due to medical requirements. If you want to enjoy all the perks of having an adjustable bed, this is a great choice. The wireless remote control helps you control the elevation of your head or legs without having to leave the bed. You can have the bed in your favorite position depending on what you’re doing. 

The Classic Brands adjustable bed base is packaged compactly and can be assembled with minimal fuss. Take it out of the box and have it ready to use in no time. You can place any type of mattress on it and enjoy excellent support for your head and legs. Not only does it work great, it looks amazing too and will feel right at home in your bedroom.

Main features

  • Convenient remote control
  • Instant relief for back pain
  • Massage
  • Additional support with 6 legs, two more than the industry standard of four
  • Handy USB ports for charging mobile devices
  • Easy installation
  • Patent pending

Great for Medical and Non-medical Use

Anybody can use the Classic Brands Adjustable Bed. Getting the bed to fold to your best position is as easy as pressing one button. Whether you want to play video games or read a book, this adjustable bed base can easily be synced with the simultaneous adjustment of the upper and lower side.

Classic Brands Foot Retainer Bar

It keeps the mattress in place while the bed is moving to your preferred position

Wireless Remote Control

One button is all you need to start a massage session on this bed. Raise your head, settle into your preferred position, and enjoy a nice relaxing massage right at home.

Classic Brands USB Port

Stay in bed as long as you want using your phone or charging your e-Reader with the convenient and powerful USB ports on the side of the adjustable bed base.

Analysis of Customer Reviews for Classic Brands Adjustable Bed Base

What customers loved

  • Affordable price and quality
  • Low noise and quick response to controls
  • Adjustable up to 90 degrees to any position of choice
  • Easy-to-use wireless remote
  • Easy installation and helpful user manual
  • Excellent customer service

What customers didn’t like

  • Instructions could be confusing
  • Remote memory can be unreliable
  • Lack of backlight for remote control buttons
  • Best performance requires minor tweaking
  • Massage and vibration settings may not work as advertised
  • Quality
  • Retention bars should be added to the sides
  • Lower quality compared to more expensive options

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