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Get the best information of how to stay healthy before you travel with this post. Learn what to eat and drink before going on vacation.

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In today’s world most of us are far more aware of how important it is to be healthy than we were several years ago. With modern technologies, constant research and motivational health information at our fingertips, we stand a much better chance of improving and maintaining better health overall.

Thankfully there is always the right time and the right place to jump on the better health wagon. If there were any time to realize how important health is it would be before and during vacation times. Nobody wants to feel green during vacationing. So, the challenge of increasing good health before vacation while maintaining it during vacation stands before you. Let’s take a look at a few ideas to help jump-start your healthiest vacation yet.

Let’s start with the primary element which makes up the highest percentage of our bodies’ functioning ability. Water. Our bodies are mostly water; therefore, watering the body inside and out is critical. Staying well-hydrated everyday with fresh water, preferably filtered, and water-based fruits and vegetables will help optimize the body’s healing responses to such dehydrating moments as air travel and alcoholic imbibing. Water assists in balancing digestive processes and cognitive alertness. Always keep a bottle of water handy while trying to consume at least a cup an hour. Pregnant women in particular require bottled water at all times. When travelling outside of the continental U.S. it may be necessary to avoid tap water and produce washed with tap water. Don’t take chances with your vacation. Choose bottled waters over tap water.

Vacationing often invites us to sway from regular routines. Frequently, this tempting trap can be the largest culprit to experiencing a less-than-lovely vacation. Prior to departure make sure all necessary medications, vitamins and doctors orders are organized and followed. Never allow deviation of these factors when vacationing. Nobody enjoys a hospital vacation stay.

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