Spring/Summer 2023 Trend Report

It's time to break open your piggy banks, cash in a money market account...
First let's talk color
Mens accessories are really important
Now let's talk in and out

Gentlemen it is time. Time to break open your piggy banks, cash in a money market account or take out a loan. 

There hasn't been a more exciting menswear season in years. Spring/Summer '23 has an optimism. It's modern, yet classic and manages to draw influences from contemporary culture. The big trends are color, tech fabrics and soft suiting/knitwear.

First let's talk color

Spring has sprung and the big designers are feeling optimistic. Maybe even happy. White was everywhere on the runway for Spring. For a man white is color. No, I'm not talking about a white business shirt (though a crisp white shirt is a staple of any wardrobe). I'm talking about white trench coats at Burberry London. 

I'm talking about the white blazer that has amazing versatility. A white blazer can be worn with everything from jeans to chinos to dress slacks. Use it like a khaki blazer. It's much cooler, riskier and way more modern. Everyone from Paul Smith to Hugo Boss (with a light pink cuff) is doing it this season. For the truly brave do a full on suit in white from Valentino, Ferragamo or even Club Monaco.

The white pant has emerged huge for men for Spring/Summer '23. Again wear it like you wear chinos. Yes, chinos. Chino is a fabric, khaki is a color. Buy white pants in flat front and a slightly flair leg like the amazing ones from Trina Turk Men. The great thing about white is you can pair it with a colorful stripped shirt from Paul Smith or a navy shirt or stripped sweater for a nautical look ala Ralph Lauren. 

White trousers look amazing when paired with a printed blazer. I'm wearing my new white Club Monaco trousers with the barely rose, almost pink double-vented blazer from Zara with a white deep vee tee from American Apparel. But only @ night. That's a lot of color for daytime!

Mens accessories are really important

A great way to incorporate color into your wardrobe is with ties and pocket squares. Whether it's a floral pocket square from Paul Smith to metallic touches like Gucci's silver lace-ups or the amazing PF Flyer silver high tops or the green satin Nike Blazer Low Classics, accessories add color, shine and personality to an outfit.

A note about white pants: Don't wear your colorful Ginch Gonch or Andrew Christian undies with them. You can see them. That's the mens equivalent of a girls thong showing! I suggest going commando. Yeah, I said it. But shake well when you go to the little boys room! Hey, these are the things a fashion stylist must tell a client.

A trend I love this season is what I like to call tech wear. It's new fabrics worn new ways. I love the Calvin Klein Collection jackets. They are silver nylon and yeah eerily reminiscent of a late eighties track suit. But what Calvin Klein designer Francisco Costa managed to do is take a new fabric and make what could be tacky look super-modern, light weight and chic. Think of it as a nod to early 90s Prada nylon mixed with work out clothes and high design. I also love the entire D&G; collection which feels like super cool 80s parachute pants and shorts. What both Calvin Klein and D&G; have managed to do is take these fabrics and sort of passe styles and make the look current and hip.

While we are talking about Calvin let's talk the other big new trend; Soft Suiting/Knitwear. Calvin Klein did an amazing heather grey cotton knit suit. Over @ Prada it's skinny suits paired with thin knitwear cardigans and polos in dark colors. And a crazy pair of knit pants that look like leggings. Those are crazy but the rest of the collection is spot on. 

Malo did a gorgeous knit blazer which is the perfect accompaniment for their thin knit nautical stripe sweaters. I love the new knitwear blazers. Its a great way to look polished and casual at the same time. The other great thing about knitwear is it can be worn well into fall and used as layering in the winter.

Now let's talk in and out

Out is what is over. In is what we have to have right now. Out: Vests! I'm tired of all these damn wannabe Justin Timberlakes in their stupid tiny vests and fedoras. You look like a woman. Skinny jeans. No matter how thin you are, a man in a skinny jean looks pear-shaped. Again you look like a woman. Linen. I hate linen. It's rumpled and sloppy and looks frumpy. It gathers in the wrong places and you see things that are private. It reminds me of traveling in Turkey.

In: Cashmere. With color so important and knitwear everywhere, cashmere sweaters in the thinnest weight possible are a chic must have. Trench coats. Every man should own one. They add polish to any outfit whether worn with jeans or over a suit. For spring showers they are a must.

Aviators. What is Spring/Summer without a great pair of sunglasses? And what's more classic then an aviator? I suggest the MJ by Marc Jacobs or the updated take on the classic shape by Michael Kors. In either of these your fashion future is so bright you gotta wear shades.

So that's what to look for to look like a star this summer! Get out there and shop and take no prisoners. To the victor goes the spoils!

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