Natural Ways to Fight Back Pain

Back pain is a debilitating problem that affects the vast majority of people at some time in their lives. We all know a...

Back pain is a debilitating problem that affects the vast majority of people at some time in their lives. We all know and hate that feeling – sharp, stabbing pains, dull aches, or pain in our legs, hips and buttocks. The general tendency is to grab some pain killers and move on, but this does not deal with the problem at hand, and often you have to increase the dosage of medication as the problem worsens, which can lead to dangerous addictions. Our back is central to all of our bodies movements, and keeping it healthy is important for living a long and happy life. Let’s take a deeper look into the phenomenon so that we can avoid pain (prevention is better than cure), and I’ve also included a few tips for natural ways that you can heal back pain.

Please take note that this advice is no substitute for consultation with a medical professional, and that more serious incidents can require medical treatment.

Avoiding back pain


Back pain is caused by a number of things – trauma, poor posture etc – but mostly these problems can be avoided by following a simple exercise program. The key is to strengthen the core muscles that support and stabilize your spine. These are located along your spine, and deep beneath your abdominals. You can strengthen this area by doing gentle physio ball sit ups, pilates, yoga and brisk walking. All of these options are low impact, and, when done correctly, will give you the strength that you need. Always make sure that you are doing the exercises correctly – do not be afraid to ask a fitness professional for help and advice. Stabilizing the muscles on your core will keep your back straight and feeling good.


If you don’t exercise the core stabilizing muscles, then you are likely to have poor posture. The way in which you hold and support your spine is essential in spinal health. Try to stand up straight at all times, and when you sit, ensure that your back is straight and well supported. Also, if you sit or stand for extended periods at work, make sure to either get up and stretch your back, or sit down and relax it, at regular intervals. A great tip if you already experience back pain is to make sure that you walk briskly for 20 minutes a day, as this will help you to realign your muscles and improve general posture.

This guest post was written by freelance writer Victoria. She is a stay at home mom who is a huge fan of art.

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