Natural Sleep Aids Reviews and Buying Guide

Since sleeping helps our body heal and gather strength for the next day
Different requirements for the amount of sleep 
Natural Sleep Aids
1. Food - a Medicine!
2. Calcium for Resting
3. With Magnesium, you may get the Snooze you require
5. Melatonin Natural Sleep Aid
6. Valerian and hops: a relaxing, sedating herbal pair
7. Magnolia bark – a gentle sedative
8. Jujube
9. L-theanine – a wakeful relaxer
10. 5-HTP
11. Glycine – a sleep-stimulating amino acid
Demystifying Sleep mythologies: Are Natural Aids for Sleep harmless?
Natural Aids for Sleep: consequences
Form of Supplement and Dosage

Since sleeping helps our body heal and gather strength for the next day, it is essential that we get enough rest, at least, to some extent. Besides, if we do not have enough sleep, we will end up harming our bodies! 

Different requirements for the amount of sleep 

Alas, many people find it difficult to last in sleep, or to fall asleep at all. And, if you suffer such conditions, you will need natural aids to sleep if you want to live healthily. Although different people have different requirements for the amount of sleep they need, an average adult will require a minimum of a seven-hour sleep for body health.

Moreover, lacking adequate sleep has effects not only on our bodies. As said by the Centers For Disease Prevention And Control, a massive value of 49.2 million people lacks sufficient focus, because they do not get enough sleep. And, as said by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, millions of people sleep while they drive! Fortunately, with necessary precautions, you do not have to always live with this condition. 

You have to change some aspects of your lifestyle, including the use of natural aids for sleeping. Thus, you can ensure to get adequate sleep for a maintained rejuvenation of your body and your maximum efficiency.

Natural Sleep Aids

Every one of us possesses a natural cycle of sleep/wake, which is known as the circadian rhythm. We can, without a problem, improve our sleep quality by following this sleep pattern. If you can maintain a good sleep pattern and wake pattern, you are sure to remain re-energized throughout your active days. 

Also necessarily, we should keep up with good hygiene for sleeping, as we know that we shouldn’t take too many stimulants, which may result in an overdose of caffeine. Also, to improve our sleep, and as well, prevent nomophobia, we already heard that it is wrong to keep electronics in the bedroom or near you while you sleep.

Fortunately, you can get all the sleep you desire, as long as you ensure to merely keep up with befitting hygiene for sleep, as well as the use of organic aids for sleep, such as magnesium, valerian root, calcium, and other items, which I will discuss below.

1. Food - a Medicine!

Almost all of us know that if we eat a lot before sleeping, we are liable to have a deprived, non-relaxing night. However, you should note that there are classes of food, which improve our sleep quality. It does not mean that you must add calories or heavy meals to your dinner; it means that you can merely include some certain items as your after-dinner-food or “dinner additive.”

Perhaps we are most commonly familiar with tryptophan, as a sleep-inducing food trait. Of course, we can all agree to how sleepy we get after eating that turkey for Thanksgiving. As it is a brain-relaxing amino acid, tryptophan, like melatonin and serotonin, helps sleep improvement. And, serotonin and tryptophan are sourced from carbohydrates, mainly brown rice, quinoa, 100% whole grain oats, or corn.

Published in Sports Medicine out of France, a research had been conducted to understand further the ways which the sleep of influential soccer players could be improved, due to their intense training and tight schedules, which affect their sleep life. According to the study, the consumption of carbohydrates (like whole grain bread and honey), including some protein forms, particularly the types, which have tryptophan for serotonin production (such as nuts, seeds, and turkey), helps improve sleep. If you can get sour cherry juice which is filled with elements of tryptophan, that is another alternative!

2. Calcium for Resting

If you didn’t know that calcium affects our cycle of sleep, yes it does. The European Neurology Journal reported that we have the highest level of calcium in our body when we are in the deep rapid eye movement (REM) periods of sleep. Thus, if we do not enter this sleep phase or we have a problem lasting in the sleep for long, then it might be traced to a deficiency of calcium in the body. According to researchers, calcium is emphasized as an element which aids in the cell-induced production conversion of tryptophan to melatonin in the brain. And, melatonin is a useful organic sleep aid, which the body produces.

Since drinking a cup of warm Goat milk will translate to getting both calcium and magnesium, you get a double advantage as these two elements work hand-in-hand effectively.

3. With Magnesium, you may get the Snooze you require

Now, let us look at magnesium and how it helps sleep quality. A magnesium-deficient individual is more liable to have a troubled sleep.

According to studies, a high level of magnesium in the body can translate to better sleep, and as I also noticed, the effects of magnesium in the body are lengthened with an intake of calcium. According to the study from the Neurophysiology and Biochemistry Unit at the Department of Psychiatry of the University of Geneva, increased magnesium levels positively improves the quality of sleep as magnesium works by calming the body system. Apart from drinking kefir (goat’s milk), you can also consume magnesium-containing food items, including pumpkin seeds, spinach, and dark chocolate!

You can also consume the following snacks to achieve a relaxing sleep night:

• A petite cup of sour cherry drink

• Passionflower, Chamomile, and valerian tea

• Free-from-gluten oatmeal with dark cherries and honey

• A small cup of tepid kefir (goat’s milk) with a dash of cinnamon and turmeric

• Crackers and almond butter

• Half a banana plus a small number of almonds

• Modest Ezekial wrap with cranberries and turkey

4. Essential Oils for Sleep

We all know that for almost everything you think of, essential oils are useful. Of course, sleep is part of these things. When you get recommended medications, you might end up experiencing side effects and jet-lagged waking-up sensations. Conversely, essential oils do not induce side effects.

In Clinical Practice, A research was conducted and published in Complementary Therapies. This study included cancer patients, who generally have trouble sleeping, to check if essential-oils-based aromatherapy would help the patients sleep better. For 13 weeks, the patients were given Aromasticks, and after the research, they found that 94% of the patients used the Aromasticks. And of the users, 92% said they would continue using it. The study, to create the effective sleep-stirring mixture, used lavender oil and Bergamot oil, as well as frankincense, sandalwood, and mandarin.

5. Melatonin Natural Sleep Aid

It's no surprise that melatonin is on this list. Melatonin is a darkness-induced hormone the body produces to stir up sleep. Melatonin, as a supplement, is a part of the sleep supplements, which people use and research the most.

Melatonin’s system of working: Although it is rather jaw-dropping melatonin doesn’t function as a sedative in the body system. Melatonin is body-produced as a response to darkness. This hormone is an effective regulator of bio time, and by aiding the sleep/wake phases of the body, it helps sleep. If you can keep up with a stronger sleep-wake cycle, you are likely to experience more regular and deep sleep patterns. With an accurate bio clock, you will have improved mood, energy levels, daytime performance, as well as your general wellbeing, which includes the function of immune, and metabolism, appetite and digestion regulation.

The ways in which melatonin aids sleep: by research, melatonin can reduce fall-asleep duration, and boost general amounts of sleep. Studies have also shown that it improves sleep quality and minimizes sleepiness and fatigue during daytime, as well as potentially increase REM sleep, which is a sleep phase in which the memory is processed and strengthened, including the significant parts of the brain which are linked to learning.

You can also use melatonin to reduce the effects of jet lag effectively. I used to take melatonin around 90 minutes before my bedtime in my up-to-the-minute time zone. And I made sure that I exposed myself to bright light immediately woke up the next morning, i.e., before I began using the Aktive sleep booster as a solution to jet lag.

Further prospective health advantages of melatonin: With melatonin, your body may potentially be able to fight neurodegenerative disorder and cognitive impairment. It is also under investigation that melatonin may be able to serve as a therapeutic tool for certain various cancers. Taking melatonin as a supplement might help improve the quality and amount of sleep in ASD patients, as well as likely enhance behavior in the daytime. Furthermore, melatonin is a potential solution to a range of health conditions, which includes menopause, irritable bowel syndrome, and fibromyalgia.

If what you are looking for is a natural whole-melatonin supplement with no additives, then what you need is Nature Made’s Melatonin. As it comes in a tablet of 3mg, it meets the standard of average jet-lag-experiencing grown-ups. It contains no additional flavors, color or preservatives. As this company has spent decades contributing to the industry of supplements, it is generally trusted to get their products from a dependable source and produce with superior ingredients.

You are not advised to use this Nature Made product if you are pregnant or nursing, or if you have diabetic, hypertensive, autoimmune, endocrine, depressive, seizure, or breeding diseases.

Children will find this brand, Zarbee’s Naturals, more comfortable to consume, as it is chewable, and not to be swallowed directly. It also comes in different flavors, including grape and varied flavors of fruit so that it will go well with different preferences. Although the product has a sweet taste, it would be of positive reception to parents because it contains neither gluten components, nor non-natural flavors, nor sweeteners, nor corn syrup with high fructose content.

This brand was established by a pediatrician. The primary aim of this pediatrician is to increase the production of organic, healthy alternatives for children, which is made in the USA. Your child should take between 1 to 3 tablets, which are individually 1 mg, based on the age of your child and the recommendation from the pediatrician, for the improvement of their sleep.

This vitamin brand for adults, OLLY, considers that adults also chew gums. This sugary-tasting supplement has a flavor of blackberry zen, which is sweet enough to make you want to use it continuously, every night. As advised by OLLY, if you are pregnant or nursing, you should consult your doctor before using this product.

This product incorporates an average melatonin dose of 3 mg, together with l-theanine amino acid, and passionflower, lemon balm extracts, and chamomile. These components help you to relax and eliminate nervousness.

You should use the Vitafusion Extra Strength Melatonin only when your doctor or medical advisor has suggested you use a higher dosage of medication, or if your jet lag case if critical. This gummy is organic blackberry-flavored and contains zero gluten or artificial flavors or chemicals. It also does not contain corn syrup with a high content of fructose.

It is worthy of note that as the Vitafusion’s gummy has a rating of 5 mg, and is part of the highest recommended melatonin doses. Thus, you should not use this product as your first, except if your doctor prescribed such a high dose. Well, using this product means two things; spending less for your sleep supplements, and using your medications at once, for a faster and long-lasting effect, just in one shot. Indeed, you do not need to use two doses of this brand; one will do.

6. Valerian and hops: a relaxing, sedating herbal pair

These two items have been for a long time, trusted and popular herbal type of supplements, which improves sleep and reduces stress and tension. As the valerian plant root has anciently been in use as an aid for sleep and organic solution to anxiety and nervousness, hops have century-history of being used to treat anxiety and sleep-related disorders also.

Valerian and Hops system of working: these two organic items increase the production of GABA, a chemical in the brain, which clams the body and induces sleep. Principally, the primary function of valerian is to serve as an anxiolytic substance; that I, a reducer of anxiety. Conversely, the sedative properties of Hops provide it with its function as a therapeutic tool, which can reduce body temperature and induce sleep.

Ways in which hops and valerian aid sleep: when used individually, valerian and hops treat sleep-related disorders. It has been proven that valerian helps people to snooze off quickly, as well as enhance the quantity of sleep, reduce restless sleep, and treat insomnia symptoms and cases. According to research, valerian is handy at solving problems of sleep, which are related to phases of menopause. On the other hand, using hops alone can translate to a lengthened sleep time. Nonetheless, research has shown that these two herbal individuals perform maximally individually when they are used together.

Additional likely health advantages of hops and valerian: there have been proofs that this twosome is effective at reducing anxiety and stress. It has also been discovered that a flavonoid present in hops serves as a solution to reducing weight gain, as well as high sugar of the blood, and raised levels of cholesterol.

Nested Naturals’ Luna Sleep Aid includes a lot of health-benefiting components as one medication. Not only does this product include valerian root and melatonin, but it also packs in L-theanine, amino acids GABA and magnesium. Other herbs, which promote sleep, such as hops, lemon balm, chamomile, and passion flower, are not left out. Using this blend will be providing you with two benefits; relaxation of your nerves plus the stimulation of sleep, and a long restful sleep night.

Nonetheless, it is noteworthy that most of the active ingredients in this bland are on higher doses, such as melatonin-6 mg, and so, if you are using it initially, you should begin with using a dosage of half of a capsule. These USA-produced capsules are vegan, are not GMOs, and are free from gluten and soy.

7. Magnolia bark – a gentle sedative

Since history, the magnolia tree bark had found itself in different traditional medicine, serving as a solution to sleep disorders, memory problems, stress, digestive issues and even loss of weight. Even with its long history of use, this organic sleep-aiding herb still gets underrated!

Magnolia bark system of working: this natural bark has numerous active organic elements and substances, which according to studies, do not only help with inflammation and anxiety but also addresses signs of depression in people. These conditions, of course, if improved, will positively affect sleep. Besides, magnolia bark can directly aid sleep quality and quantity, as it is a natural sedative.

Ways in which magnolia bark aids sleep: some bioactive compounds present in magnolia bark potentially lengthen slow wave and REM sleep times, while some other elements in the herb reduce the levels of hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline, which stimulates the body.

Additional likely health advantages: in line with studies, using magnolia alone, and with ginger, can address issues of depression, as well as nervousness and trauma. The bioactive elements in this herb, according to research, protect cells of the brain, as well as aid memory and processes of learning.

8. Jujube

Jujube as a sleep aid, rich in nutrients: Perhaps you can recall the candy we used to eat at cinemas. Yes, it used to be among my favorites. The jujube fruit is a nutrient-packed and remedial tool. As it is full of fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals, it served as a relief for trauma, soreness, as well as stomach ache.

Jujube’s system of working: the elements present in jujube clam the mind and body, while they increase relaxing neurotransmitters GABA levels, as well as the levels of serotonin. And, it is a natural sedative.

Ways in which jujube aids sleep: according to research, jujube is a potential sleep-lengthener, and has the capacity to lengthen the duration spent in deep, curative slow-wave and REM sleep phases.

Additional likely health advantages: the bioactive elements in jujube functions to minimize inflammation, fortify the immune system, lower the levels of sugar in the blood, and support the health of the brain and heart. Jujube, on its own, can address issues of digestion and constipation.

9. L-theanine – a wakeful relaxer

If you drink tea, then you get a nutritional dose of L-theanine, which is packed with unique, health-benefiting amino acids.

L-theanine system of working: as L-theanine works by raising GABA levels, including levels of serotonin and dopamine, it aids sleep, since serotonin and dopamine are regulators of emotion, focus, sleep, mood, vigilance, vigor, appetite, as well as other cognitive abilities. Simultaneously, L-theanine also cuts down stress- and anxiety-related chemicals levels in the brain. It also increases the manufacture of alpha waves in the brain. These alpha waves improve concentration, relaxation, and surprisingly, inventiveness too! Thus, L-theanine is useful mainly for people who want to get rest and still have enough energy to perform other activities well at daytime without dozing off.

Ways in which L-theanine aids sleep: L-theanine, since it increases relaxation and reduces tension, can help individuals fall asleep within a shorter duration. And, it is also a sleep-quality improver. Moreover, some studies have proven that L-theanine may be effective at improving the quality and quantity of sleep in children living with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). In a study, L-theanine was used on some 8-12-aged boys with ADHD. After the investigation, they found that the supplement functioned without side effects, and it improved their sleep drastically,

Additional likely health advantages: apart from the aforementioned, research has shown L-theanine to serve as a booster for cognitive abilities, which includes awareness and focus, studying and memory. Also, it might help prevent obesity in both children and grown-ups.

10. 5-HTP

5-HTP – a serotonin booster: 5-Hydroxytryptophan (a.k.a. 5-HTP), is a chemical which is body-produced naturally as a by-product of L-tryptophan, which is an amino acid. We do not manufacture L-tryptophan ourselves in the body. Instead, we get this compound from the foods we consume. This element, 5-HTP, as a supplement, is produced from a plant’s seeds. This plant is known as Griffonia simplicifolia.

5-HTP’s system of working: in the body, this element aids in serotonin production. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter, which acts as a mood regulator and cycle of a sleep-wake monitor. Our body needs this element to manufacture melatonin, which is a hormone in the body, which ensures the maintenance of the bio clock if the body and ensures the regulation of the day after day sleep/ wake successions.

Ways in which 5-HTP aids sleep: according to studies, 5-HTP may help as a doze-off-time reducer, and sleep time lengthener. It is also handy at enhancing mood, as well as reducing signs of anxiety and trauma, which are sleep-disturbing health conditions. 5-HTP is also potentially a sleep-terror reducer, which helps kids.

Additional likely health advantages: 5-HTP also serves as an appetite regulator, as well as a weight-loss inducer. Also, according to different sources, it reduces signs of anxiety, depression, and trauma. Studies have shown 5-HTP to enhance conditions relating to fibromyalgia, which includes soreness, tenderness, daytime exhaustion, sleep quality, and quantity, as well as nervousness.

11. Glycine – a sleep-stimulating amino acid

As a neurotransmitter and amino acid, Glycine (a.k.a. 2-Aminoacetic Acid) is a natural body-produced chemical, which is a product of other organic biochemical, i.e., food. This compound is sourced from foods containing high protein levels, which includes fish, meat, dairy, legumes, and eggs. Typically, an everyday diet consists of up to Glycine 2 grams.

Glycine’s system of working: Of all the amino acids that are for the body, experts consider Glycine as the most essential, as it influences almost every part of our bodies, including our body system and composition, as well as our overall health, which includes cognitive, metabolic, and cardiovascular health. Glycine aids in the production of serotonin (a body-produced hormone that positively affects our mood and quality of sleep.)

Ways in which Glycine aids sleep: As Glycine can enhance even signs of insomnia, it helps individuals with their sleep quality and quantity, as a recovery form failed or sleepless nights. In a newly published research of Glycine’s supplemental effects, it was shown that Glycine could lessen the temperature of the body drastically, and simultaneously, shorten the fall-asleep time and lengthen REM sleep duration. And with Glycine, you will find it easier and faster to transition to long-term, slow wave cycle of sleep.

Additional likely health advantages: according to sources, Glycine enhances, in growing adults, memory and focus. Also, actively, professionals are putting Glycine under the test to find out whether it will be useful in neurodegenerative malfunctions treatments, including Alzheimer’s disease. They also learned that individuals with higher levels of Glycine had been linked to having lower heart attack risks, as proofs have proved that Glycine may aid in preventing high pressure of the blood. And, Glycine may be just the solution to strengthening joints and bones, as well as protecting against or preventing arthritis.

Demystifying Sleep mythologies: Are Natural Aids for Sleep harmless?

If you spend a night without sleeping, you will feel completely out of energy and unhappy the next morning. Now, if this type of night occurs over and over again, you would think out of the box: don’t wait for your body to sleep, make your body sleep with the use of natural, health-friendly sleep aids. Although the promotions of these aids offer them as safe, harmless alternatives with no side effects, they are not always befitting for everyone. So, as your case may be, you should consult your doctor before you take natural sleep aids, based on these four following reasons:

1. Natural aids for sleep are unfettered.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) doesn’t legalize diet-linked supplements including natural sleep aids like melatonin and valerian, in terms of quality, harmlessness, efficiency, or how valid the marketing claims are. 71% of supplemental melatonin on the market does not have up to 10% of melatonin, as they claim to have. Thus, it is most suggested to consult your medical adviser about the alternatives and the effects they might have on you.

2. Natural aids for sleep are not good enough for all and sundry.

As natural sleep aids are called “natural,” most people believe that it is harmless enough for every individual’s consumption. Some people need to take extra care. A cardiovascular-, immune-, reproductive-, and metabolic-developing adult, for instance, might be affected by melatonin. Also, there are usually no recommendations of melatonin for pregnant women or hoping-to-become-pregnant women, as there haven’t been extensive tests of melatonin on mothers and their unborn babies.

Also, if you are on medications, using a natural sleep aid may alter the effect and function of your medicine. For example, supplemental melatonin, in laboratory experiments, negatively changed the efficiency of antidepressants (precisely fluoxetine and desipramine) by reducing their effects. Also, sources have shown that melatonin reduces the efficacy of specific medications for blood pressure. Consult your doctor before using natural sleep aids, to not endanger your health.

3. Natural sleep aids won’t cure insomnia.

In some cases, if you are suffering from sleeplessness, it might be a short-lasting condition, with a known cause behind it. The cause might be jet lag or an injury that is preventing you from sleeping. In such cases, your doctor might prescribe natural sleep aids for you to minimize the symptoms and improve your sleep. Nonetheless, some sleeplessness cases might be long-lasting conditions with causes which you are yet to find out. In such case, using natural sleep aids might not work at all, or might work for some time and the symptoms will bounce back in a short time. Instead, after you consult your doctor, he or she might want to know a few things about you by asking you sleep-related questions, such as your habits of sleep, your sleep duration on weekends and weeknights, as well as the state of the environment of your bedroom, which will allow you trace down the cause of your persistent sleeplessness.

4. We don't know their long-term effects.

Although according to some studies, melatonin is a modestly proficient aid for sleep, there are less than a few pieces of research about the long-lasting effects of natural aids for sleep. So, since there is no such information, it is most advisable for you to consult your medical adviser or doctor so that he or she might help you check whether or not you should use a natural sleep aid, as well as if your lifestyle allows you to use one.

Natural Aids for Sleep: consequences

Natural aids for sleep may trigger other results, or side effects apart from the sleepiness, which they are made for. Although some people reported that they found it more comfortable to sleep with such aids, they still found it cumbersome to stay asleep for long.

It is arguable that the most significant side effect that may arise from using natural aids for sleep is the addiction that follows it. Even though it might not be as severe as if you are using regular aids for sleep or recommendation pills for sleeping if you make using natural aids for sleep a habit, you may get addicted to it, that is, it will become hard to sleep without them.

So, if in this case, you try to stop using natural aids for sleep abruptly, you might end up having rebound insomnia. Thus, you will get the best benefits from these aids for sleeping if you intend them for a short term condition, such as a jet lag, or short-lasting symptoms, such as impermanent congestion.

Ways in which I can use Natural Aids for Sleep without problems

If you read this content, you are exposing yourself to practical methods which you can follow to use and purchase the most harmless natural aids for sleep possible. The following are five additional quick guidelines which you can follow to use supplemental natural aids for sleep in safety.

1. First and foremost, consult your medical adviser: this set of professionals will tell you if you can use certain natural aids for sleep or not, that is, based on the medications you were already taking. Also, they are likely to give you suggestions and tips for you to follow, which can also improve the quantity and quality of your sleep.

2. Cautiously go through the label and abide by the instructions from the manufacturer: By reading the producer's label, you are most likely to get vital information about both the product and its related concerns. This information is including the active ingredients, possible side effects, recommended dosage, and the groups of people who should or should not use it, e.g., children and pregnant women are not advised to use it.

3. Begin your medication with a dosage as low as possible, taking it t the prescribed duration, which is usually within 2 hours to bedtime: You should follow this tip particularly because you are not confirmed of ho the supplement will work with your body system, so, if you deem fit, you can adjust the dosage later on.

4. Ensure not to drink, drive or take other sedative medications while you use your aids for sleep: Since you are taking your sleep aids for falling to sleep, including other different sedatives like alcohol and other medications can change the effects of the initial drug. And, since you aim to sleep off, you shouldn’t risk driving, especially since you know you will doze off. So, to avoid an accident, avoid driving.

5. Make plans for the supplement as you are going to use it temporarily: The majority of sleep issues get resolved efficiently through habit, except you possess causal sleep or health disorder which is behind your sleep problem.

Form of Supplement and Dosage

The most common types of natural aids for sleep in the form of supplements is either in swallow-type pills or tablets. And, they are also available as powdered or chewable medications.

Lately, several manufacturers of sleep aids have manufactured sleeping supplements in the form of gum. Although they use non-synthetic flavor, taste sweeter and are more attractive, you will gain more calories and sugars if you use these.

How well your sleep aid works is a result of the sleep aid’s nature, as well as the nature of the user. Thus, as some aids for sleep are required in high dosages, some require lower dosages, and therefore, you should carefully read the manufacturer’s instructions and abide by it. It is not harmful to take natural aids for sleep for long because they are healthier and do not have as much side effects as other sleeping pills, including over-the-counter aids for sleep. Take for instance, valerian. Although it is more of a safe norm to consume valerian for a 6-week period, some people suppose that it works more effectively when you consume it for a more extended period.

Nonetheless, manufacturers do not design aids for sleep as a lasting solution to insomnia. You might be having a sleep disorder if your inability to doze off or continue your sleep is chronic. So, if you take natural sleep aids in such case, you will be depriving yourself of proper treatments.

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