How to Make OTHERS Feel Better

We all know the kind of things that make us feel better

We all know the kind of things that make us feel better. It might be a night out with friends, it might be a spot of retail therapy, maybe a greasy takeaway or a trip to the football – even a holiday so you can get away from it all. Whatever your methods are for making yourself feel better, there are more people in this world than ourselves.

The key to happiness, they say, is making others happy. Whether it’s a colleague who is having a difficult time, a close friend who has broken up with their partner, an elderly relative receiving NJ elder care who we don’t see often enough, or our own family members who need a pick-me-up, it’s important that we make the effort for the people we care about.

With elderly relatives who might be living in a care home, it’s important that we visit them as often as possible. Taking them gifts isn’t always a good idea as many of them would prefer to have the company and attention from the people they care about.

If it’s a close friend, then think about what they enjoy doing and what always seems to put them in a good mood. Sometimes they go through difficult times in their lives such as break-ups or losing people they care about and they just need something to take their minds of it. It might be taking them out for a few drinks at the weekend with all of “the group” or it might be inviting them round to yours for a night in to watch a movie, the football or some rubbish Saturday night television, anything to get them laughing!

With family members, it’s important that you remember that it isn’t all about splashing the cash to make them feel better. It can be very easy to just take them shopping for a new pair of shoes, to buy them a computer game they’ve been banging on about or to take them to the football, but it might be a case of them needing to talk through their problems. With kids, it might be something going on at school – exam stress, bullying, problems with their homework – while your partner might be having a difficult time at work or you may be having cashflow problems.

Whatever is going on it’s important that you try and keep their spirits up by talking, encouraging and doing everything you can to improve their state of mind. Sometimes a conversation outside the house, like in a shopping centre or on the way to watch your team, can work – especially when combined with their favourite activity because it helps them to relax.

Just remember, other people need just as much attention as you do! Making someone else happy can be just as beneficial, if not more beneficial, as cheering yourself up. That isn’t to say that buying them flowers or taking them for a beer won’t work, just that you should go the extra mile for the people you care about.

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