Guest Post: Alkaline Water & Diet: A Healthy Approach to Diabetes

Diabetes is rapidly becoming an epidemic in the United States
Is amputation in your future?
Medical science is helpless
Alkaline Water and Diet: Fighting back

Diabetes is rapidly becoming an epidemic in the United States, the Centers for Disease Control states that as of 2002, about 18.2 million Americans, or about 6.3% of the population had diabetes. 

By 2025, the CDC estimates that the figure will rise to 8.9%. Health officials blame the growth of diabetes in the U.S on rising rates of obesity caused by poor diet and overeating. According to WebMD, Americans are becoming diabetic at the rate of one per minute! Alkaline water and a healthy diet are a natural way to protect your health, and avoid becoming a statistic!

There are two types of diabetes: Type I diabetes begins in childhood; medical researchers believe the cause of type 1 diabetes is genetic. Rates of type I diabetes in America have remained constant over the years. Type II diabetes, also referred to as Adult-Onset diabetes usually begins in a person’s 40’s, but doctors have begun to see it appear more frequently in people in their 30’s, and even in children! Type II diabetes can be caused by a number of factors, but medical science primarily blames poor diet for the explosive growth of type II diabetes

Is amputation in your future?

If you are one of the nearly 1 in 10 Americans who will have diabetes by 2025, there is a good chance you may lose a few toes or even a foot to diabetes. According to the nonprofit Amputee Coalition of America (ACA), half of all amputations performed in America were caused by diabetes, and diabetics are 67% more likely to have a toe or foot amputated than non-diabetics. The CDC expects diabetes-related amputations to continue to increase as more and more of the population is affected by diabetes.

Medical science is helpless

Despite decades of research, there are no medications in the US that can cure diabetes. Doctors normally prescribe glucose-control medications or insulin to patients in an effort to control their blood sugar. The drugs prescribed by doctors can help, but do not guarantee that a person with diabetes will remain healthy. Despite spending nearly 92 billion dollars annually to treat diabetes, America has one of the highest rates of diabetes in the world, and diabetes is the sixth largest killer of Americans.

Alkaline Water and Diet: Fighting back

There is no known cure for diabetes, but there are encouraging signs that it can be prevented or reversed with proper diet and exercise. In Japan, research into the use of alkaline water to treat diabetes has shown great promise, with some patients being able to stop insulin therapy entirely.

Research has shown that proper hydration may prevent blood sugar problems, and alkaline water hydration may be the best way to go, research suggest that alkaline water hydrates you 17% better than plain water.

Diabetes doesn’t have to end in amputation; alkaline water and proper diet may offer hope for the millions of Americans who could face that nightmare.

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