Dorian Blues: Navigating High School Angst and Self-Discovery

Confusion and isolation drive Dorian to seek counseling, leading him to eventually come out to his brother

High school can be a tumultuous time for any teenager, but for Dorian, a melodramatic gay boy on a quest to understand his sexuality, it's a rollercoaster of emotions. 

In this heartfelt journey, we follow Dorian, portrayed by the charismatic Michael McMillian, who finds himself in a family that doesn't quite understand him. His father, Tom (played by Steven C. Fletcher), is the epitome of a sports-loving, staunch Republican, while his brother Nicky (the embodiment of every gay boy's fantasy, portrayed by Lea Coco) is the star athlete of the family. Dorian's mother, Maria (Mo Quigley), is wrapped up in her own world, seemingly oblivious to her son's struggles.

Confusion and isolation drive Dorian to seek counseling, leading him to eventually come out to his brother, who surprisingly handles it with a certain nonchalance. Encouraged by this positive response, Dorian gathers the courage to reveal his truth to his father, but this attempt ends in disaster. Frustrated and hurt, he decides to leave home behind, embarking on a journey to find personal growth, love, and acceptance at New York University.

"Dorian Blues" offers a lighthearted and entertaining glimpse into the turbulent path of self-acceptance. 

However, in its pursuit of deeper meaning, the film sometimes falls short, reaching its "aha moment" too abruptly. Dorian is undeniably a character burdened with numerous problems, a fact evident right from the opening credits. When he grapples with his issues on his own, it can be tempting to reach for the remote.

Yet, when he connects with his brother Nicky or experiences pivotal moments, such as his memorable encounter with a hooker who also happens to be a vocal impersonator, his problems suddenly appear more manageable. In these moments, you'll find yourself eagerly invested in Dorian's journey.

"Dorian Blues" is set to open in limited release on September 23rd, offering a relatable and often humorous exploration of the challenges of adolescence and the quest for self-discovery.

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