Are you Choosing the Right Numbers?

Playing the lottery can be a lot of fun, but theres a lot of money at stake too. Money that you could win, if yo...

Playing the lottery can be a lot of fun, but there’s a lot of money at stake too. Money that you could win, if you choose the right lottery numbers. Imagine what you could do with a million pounds, five million pounds – or even twenty million pounds! Wouldn’t it be incredible to never have to worry about bills again, or to be able to buy your dream house?

You’ve probably already made at least one or two plans of what you’ll do with your lottery money if – or when – you win! Nobody really plays the lottery just to play it – when playing the lottery; you want to give yourself the best chance possible of hitting that jackpot. Here are six different ways you can select your lottery numbers, so you can “be in it to win it!”

1. Play Your Fortune Cookie Numbers

Almost everyone loves fortune cookies. They’re cute, they’re delicious and they come at the end of what is usually a really great meal. Even if you don’t like the cookie, you probably at least break it open to see what your fortune is. Beyond words of wisdom or funny anecdotes, most fortune cookies print “lucky numbers” on each fortune, along with a Chinese word you can learn. While you may never need to use the Chinese word for “chicken,” using your lucky fortune cookie numbers can be a fun way to play the lottery, especially if you’ve received a fortune that you are particularly fond of.

2. Choose Numbers You Feel “Good” About

Most people who play the lottery will tell you that you never want to choose a number that you don’t have a good feeling about. For example, if you’re thinking about playing the number 16 but you just don’t think it’s the right number, trust your gut. Perhaps you’ve had something bad happen on the 16th that month, or when you were 16. Don’t play numbers that you have negative feelings about – instead, play numbers that you feel really great about. Got a raise on the 5th of last month? Try playing the number 5. You and your partner just celebrated your 30th anniversary? Try playing the number 30. Play any number that you feel really good about, or numbers that are associated with positive things in your life.

3. Go With Important Dates

Another popular way to choose the right lottery numbers is to select numbers based on important dates, like birth dates. Many people have actually won millions using this strategy! This is similar to choosing numbers you feel good about, but is a little less random. When you select your lottery numbers, use dates that are important to you, such as birthdays or anniversaries. For example, if you were born on March 4th, 1943 and your partner was born on July 13th, 1949, you might choose the lottery numbers 3, 4, 43, 7, 13, 49. Try mixing it up each time you play the lottery and go with your children’s birthdays, your pet’s birthdays, or other important dates.

4. Choose Completely Random Numbers

Since lotteries themselves select completely random numbers, it makes sense to do the same yourself. Try using an online lottery number generator to generate completely random numbers based on the lottery you are playing. You can find generators for almost every lottery, from Pick 3 to Powerball. These generators are super easy to use and can give you multiple random numbers at once so you can play multiple tickets and give yourself the best chance to win!

5. Analyze Past Winning Numbers

What are the most common winning numbers in the history of the lottery? This method requires some significant research, especially if you’re analyzing winning numbers from a broad time period. But it might just pay off, in big bucks! Research the winning numbers for a certain time period, and take note of the numbers that appear the most frequently. Try playing those numbers the next time you play the lottery. These are numbers that are good to play over and over again, because you’re playing with the numbers that have been shown to win most frequently in the past.

6. Pick Numbers you’ve come into Contact that Day

Another fun way to choose the right lottery numbers is to select numbers that you’ve come into contact with that day. Perhaps your morning coffee cost £2.33 and when you pumped gas later that day, it totalled £42.14. Perhaps your boss called you into a meeting and gave you a £0.15 raise that day. So you might consider playing the numbers 2, 33, 42, 14, and 15. When you play the lottery, it’s almost impossible to go an entire day without thinking of numbers over and over. Take note of the numbers you come into contact with on a day that you plan on playing the lottery and use those to hopefully increase your chances of a big win.

There is no “tried and true” method of choosing lottery numbers. No one strategy will for sure give you the winning numbers, but trying different strategies at Lottoland can make playing the lottery more fun. And you never know, finding new ways to choose the right lottery numbers might just buy you the winning ticket!


About the Author: Dan works in the marketing department at Lottoland. When he isn’t working he loves to play basketball and rugby. He is also trying to learn Russian.

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