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I have noticed in my personal life that my friends are divided by pet preference. Maybe yours are too. Pets seem to bri...

I have noticed in my personal life that my friends are divided by pet preference. Maybe yours are too. Pets seem to bring people joy and I don’t understand what the debate is about, but there seems to be one! What is it that makes someone a cat or a dog person? And still yet, why can’t pet lovers just unite?

It is important to know that I once was divided myself. When I was little girl, I would visit my grandparent’s house, they had cats and dogs, but for some reason I preferred the cats. However, the cats did not like me. I longed to pet them but they would just run away and hide. The dogs were playful, but my grandparents kept them outside, so they were also very dirty. As a young child, my parents were not fond of me getting dirty so while I got to play with them, it would not be for long. When I got older, my parents finally gave in to my demands for pet- I had a fish, I had two cockatoos and then we finally got a dog. From that day onward, I claimed to be “dog person” even though I had never had a cat of my own. I would bad mouth cats and jump on the bandwagon when others would say they were horrible animals. I even praised my dog’s best qualities until no end and would say why those qualities made them better than any cat. Needless to say, I hate that I did those things.

Fast forward to today- the only pet I have of my own is a cat. Why? I have no idea. I always thought I would see myself with a puppy, taking it on walks and watching TV together. When I got my own place, a tiny apartment, I realized that keeping a puppy there would be like animal cruelty. Plus, my long commute to work would keep me away and unable to take it out for the necessary amount of potty breaks. As much as I wanted a puppy, I realized I just wanted something to love. No matter the breed or what kind of pet, I wanted to be the best companion that I could be. Not to mention, I realized the number of animals that needed rescue. That being said, I went in and adopted my cat and could not be happier. Jill is the best companion for me, and come to think I never thought I would love a furry feline!

What I’m trying to say is- as much as people say they are certain pet type, they should really be concerned about being the best pet OWNER. The rest will follow, if companionship is what you looking for, you will find it. I’d love to hear what you think, especially if you are divided!

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