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Most of us associate banks with endless lines, meaningless documentation, and monetary stress, but your time spent inve...

Most of us associate banks with endless lines, meaningless documentation, and monetary stress, but your time spent investing money could be time spent investing in your health. There is a new trend that has been designed to keep you active during times when you are obligated to be in public spaces. Urban health consciousness requires a minor adjustment in attitude, but even this seemingly wasted time can be spent protecting your heart, muscles and immune system. Here are a few tips to help you keep healthy when you are out and about at institutions like banks, government departments and airports.

Beat stress by breathing

Being in a line is not a great place to be. You see no progress, your legs get tired, and on general, your stress levels rise along with your frustration. But this is a great opportunity to work on your breathing, which is guaranteed to calm you down and help you pass the time as pleasantly as possible. Start by taking 10 very deep, long breaths. This will regulate your heart rate and help calm you down as more oxygen flows in your blood. You can also hold your breath for 20 second bursts – this will also help train your heart and improve your lung capacity. You will also find that if you are focussed on breathing and relaxation exercises, time will go by faster and you’ll be more calm – once again because of higher oxygen levels in your brain.

Standing stretches

The majority of stretches that athletes do before they train take place in a standing position, and you can do the same. Start with calf raises – lifting your heels so that you stretch your calves, and then move on to stretching your arms, back and neck. Stretching will help you relax. Also, dependant on space, raise your arms above your head and take a deep breath. You will immediately feel less tense, and refreshed.

Sanitize your surroundings

Banks and other public spaces are full of germs, but you can avoid illness by carrying waterless hand sanitizer and wet wipes with you. While you are standing in a line, sanitize your hand and wipe them down. This takes a few seconds and can eliminate general germs. Also, try to avoid the surfaces in the bank itself – counters and stanchions are hothouses for germs that kids seem to be drawn too. Always be conscious of the risk of germs in such situations.

This guest post was written by freelance writer Victoria. She is currently learning about Online Investing in Canada.

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