7 Sun-Filled Reasons to Add Solar Power to Your Lifestyle

American stand-up comedian Dennis Miller once joked, “Why is electricity so expensive these days? Why does it cost so m...
The Low Cost of Sun Powered Fuel
Why You Need Solar Power
Using Solar Appliances and Accessories
The Bottom Line about Solar Energy

American stand-up comedian Dennis Miller once joked, “Why is electricity so expensive these days? Why does it cost so much for something I can make with a balloon and my hair?” When I first heard this it gave me cause to chuckle. But the more I look at my ever-increasing utility bills, the less funny it seems!

The Low Cost of Sun Powered Fuel

It soon became apparent than I had to look into different resources to keep my family powered up without spending my children’s college funds on utility bills. The initial results of my research proved unfruitful. The prices for an initial setup rose into the tens of thousands of dollars range. There was no way I could afford that out-of-pocket.

Then I stumbled onto a site that suggested an alternative to buying a complete system. It seemed I could lease a system and then if it worked out, I could lease-to-own the entire setup at a later time. And if it didn’t work out, once the initial period was over then I was not obligated to continue using it. If you are finding the unit too much for your family’s budget, consider leasing at first and buying later.

Why You Need Solar Power

There is a plethora of reasons as to why humans can benefit from solar power. In all actuality, there are more reasons for using sun-powered energy than there are in the argument against using it. Here are some of the top reasons to go solar when it comes to powering up your home.

  • Sunshine is a renewable resource. It does not emit any greenhouse gasses, which means it does not contribute to the greenhouse effect.
  • Because solar power converts energy from the sun, it does not produce any type of smoke, gases, or other by-products of harmful chemicals.
  • Sunshine is free. Unlike coal or oil that are in the ground, or even wind turbines located on someone’s property, nobody can own the rays of the sun.
  • Solar power does not require living on the grid. So if you’re considering an off-the-grid lifestyle then you can be sure that solar power is your best commodity.
  • You can use solar power whether you’re in the city, in a very rural part of the country, or anywhere in between.
  • Solar power creates jobs required to install, monitor, and provide maintenance for solar panels and the other equipment necessary to use the energy.
  • Using solar power won’t destroy the rainforest or the various eco-systems within it, unlike fossil fuels.

Some people ask, “what is solar energy?” And I admit, at one time I was one of those people. The solar panels convert DC energy into AC energy, which is what is required to run your household. But even if you don’t have a whole system, then there are still ways to add solar power to your home on a smaller scale.

Using Solar Appliances and Accessories

People today are using the sun’s energy to power up all kinds of things found in our daily lives. For instance, a solar powered hot water heater provides your home with hot water without contributing as much to the utility bills. A solar powered swimming pool or hot tub cover can keep the water warm until ready for use. And solar powered lights used in landscaping are not just decorative. They are also a necessity for both safety and security around your home.

But not all solar powered objects are limited to the appliances inside your home. Specially created backpacks, calculators, radios, watches, cellphone chargers, and lamps are now powered by the sun. Cars, boats, and even golf carts come in a solar powered variety. And some towns even have solar powered fountains and self-compacting trash cans.

The Bottom Line about Solar Energy

I’m not sure why our family’s electric bill continues to increase a little each month. It certainly does not seem fair after all the effort we put into insulating our house against the weather. However, thanks to the promise of a more earth-friendly way to stay powered up, our outlook on things is quite a bit brighter. In fact, you could say that our outlook was positively, well, sunny!

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