5 Small (But Effective) Health Changes To Start

Although we live in a time that is the most medically advanced, we also live in a time where people are more health con...

Although we live in a time that is the most medically advanced, we also live in a time where people are more health conscious. Individuals are no longer looking to medicine for everything, but they are striving to be proactive and live healthy lifestyles. No matter your current physical condition, if you are willing to adapt a few minor changes there is no doubt that you can begin to feel better in a big way.

How Water Can Make You Healthy

Water is the most essential element your body needs because your body is made of about 60-70% water including your blood, brain, muscles, and lungs. Experts suggest that you take your body weight, and divide it by two that is how many ounces of water you need each day. If you want to really step it up, find good water purification systems and drink purified water throughout the day. Within a week you will notice a difference in your skin, muscles, and you will also see weight loss because you will be flushing more toxins out of your system.

Take the Stairs

Health officials have calculated that each person needs to be active about 30 minutes a day. This can seem like an impossible task with work, home, family, friends and everything else that divides your time. So taking the stairs when you are at work or other places can actually add up and count toward your 30 minutes without you having to add a workout routine to your schedule. Some facts listed by Senior Life Health:

· 2 Flights of stairs a day = 6lbs. weight loss a year.

· 6 Flights a day = 18lbs. a year in weight loss.

· Adds years to your life by strengthening your lower body and decreasing your cardiovascular risks.

Get Some Rest

Harvard medical sites that insufficient sleep can result in:

· Obesity.

· Cardiovascular disease.

· Type 2 diabetes.

· Hypertension.

· Poor immune system

Sleep is important for healthy brain function, and it even gives your muscles time to repair themselves from the day’s stresses. If you think sacrificing a couple of hours here or there doesn’t matter you are wrong. The Mayo Clinic suggests that adults need 7-9 hours of sleep a night. The best way to do this is to get your body into a regular routine of going to sleep and getting up at a consistent time each day.

Eat More Often

When most people think of being healthy or losing weight they think of food restriction. But it has actually been proven that increasing the number of times you eat a day can tremendously affect your energy, brain function, and weight control. By choosing smaller, healthy meals and snacks you can:

· Decrease your calorie intake.

· Maintain blood sugar.

· Keep metabolism steady.

· Maintain nutritional balance.

Find Your Zen

It is certainly important to stay active, but finding times for relaxation is equally important. For you this may mean exercise, but for someone else it may mean reading a book. The benefits here are not about the intensity of the activity, but the results. Relaxing helps:

· Decreases cardiovascular issues.

· Lowers inflammation and immune problems.

· Boost memory.

· Maintain emotional balance

There are many ways to make small changes in your routine in order to make big changes in your health. Start with even just one or two of these tips, and add more as you feel better. Before you know it your health will be better and it will seem like the easiest thing you ever did.

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