3 Steps to Providing an Eco-Friendly and Healthy Home Environment

If you are like me, you look hard and long for the right gift for your loved ones when it comes to their birthdays and ...
#1 Now I Lay Me down to Bed
#2 Wipe the Slate Clean
Take a look at a few examples:
#3 Conserving Energy with Appliances

If you are like me, you look hard and long for the right gift for your loved ones when it comes to their birthdays and other holidays. However, there is a gift we can provide our family every day of the year, and that is the gift of health.

To insure our children’s best opportunity for a secure education, career, and just plain old fun, good health plays a significant role. Just think back to the last time you were sick. Did you perform your daily activities at your best, if at all? Probably not. Imagine not performing your best every day, and not even knowing it.

Providing a healthy home environment can help improve your family’s chances of performing their best, even if it’s just during play time. One of the ways to do that is transitioning your home into an eco-friendly and green home, ridding it of unnecessary chemicals.

These chemicals, many of which you might not even be aware of, can wreak havoc on allergies and the immune system. Getting rid of these chemicals can create a healthier environment, as well as save you money in certain areas. Read on to learn how you can easily transform your home into a healthy environment for you and your children.

#1 Now I Lay Me down to Bed

It might not occur to everyone that the average person actually spends more idle time in any given day in a deep slumber, in the bedroom. I know, it probably seems it might be like when we are at a work and the clock isn’t moving, right? But, even then, most of us are moving around…at least a little bit. On average, we spend about 8 hours a day with our head…mouth and nose…surrounded by our bedding.

Traditional bedding is typically filled with unnecessary chemicals, which won’t go away just because you throw it in the wash. It can also trap dust mites, making allergies unbearable for some people, and even cause discomfort for those who don’t have known allergies. So, you might want to consider going organic with your bedding.

Organic bedding is made without chemicals, meaning you…and your little ones, can lay your head down at night knowing you won’t be breathing them in for hours. Think about newborns and toddlers, who spend several hours, both day and evening, sleeping with their little mouths and noses surrounded by…yes, unnecessary chemicals.

Give your family a wonderful gift of peaceful slumber. Comforters, sheets, blankets, pillows, can all be found in organic form. If you are expecting a child, you can even find an organic crib mattress and baby bedding. Start the young’s one life out right!

#2 Wipe the Slate Clean

I love a clean house, as many people do. The fresh scents of cleaners can be wonderful, can’t they? Unfortunately, they can also be hazardous to our health. Anyone with asthma or allergies can attest to that.

The good news is that you have options…great options that can save on your lungs and your pocketbook. Natural and organic cleaners are the way to go, when you want to create a healthy environment for your family. Their popularity is on the rise so much now that you can find them just about anywhere…even your pantry.

Were you aware that you can make your own natural cleaning products, with ingredients commonly found in a kitchen pantry? Well, you can. And, they are not only healthy and inexpensive, but effective at cleaning as well.

Take a look at a few examples:

  • Salt – mixed with a little water, a paste can be used against rust stains
  • White Vinegar – mix 2 C. water with ¼ C. white vinegar, for a glass and window cleaner
  • Club Soda – dab on clothing stains just before laundering, or let set for a couple hours
  • Lemon Juice – mixed with water, spray lightly on surfaces or in the air as a freshener
  • Lemon Juice/Olive Oil – a dash of lemon juice to a little olive oil can make a great furniture polish

Just keep in mind that natural products such as above won’t have preservatives in it, so mix sparingly to not waste a large batch.

#3 Conserving Energy with Appliances

Are you in the market for a new washer, fridge, or stove? Take a close look at the energy efficient models when shopping. It won’t be difficult at all to find them, because people are catching on…including the manufacturers.

If you trade your old appliance in for a new and true energy efficient one, the savings can quickly add up to make a noticeable difference in your utilities. In fact, it’s estimated that the average savings for a household could be around 30% on utility bills. I know how much that is for our home, and I enjoy having that money in my pocket, rather than the utility company’s books.

In Closing

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what you can do to make your home environment healthier by going organic. But, it’s a great start!

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